IT Enterprise Management (ITEM)

The need to align IT service delivery with business objectives is driving IT Executives, management and staff to reconsider the IT service portfolio, architecture and resources and how well these combine to create strategic value and a competitive advantage.  Organizations are actively exploring new strategies for growth, including ways to improve service and foster innovation.  Additionally, there is a push by corporate and government stakeholders to increase transparency and cost controls, and centralize management and control of core business functions.  Implementing a comprehensive approach that includes consideration for the entire IT enterprise leads to critical insights into how to optimize governance and increase IT performance.

IT Enterprise Management (ITEM) is a strategy for maximizing value, reducing risk and increasing efficiency and effectiveness of the IT enterprise in providing services to the business and its customers.  The objective of ITEM is to transform the management of IT to a service-based model where investments are prioritized based on returns and strategic alignment with business priorities, and operational efficiencies are realized through process standardization, optimization and automation.

ITellect Consulting utilizes an integrated framework approach to facilitate the realization of ITEM to support CIOs and CTOs transform IT from a back office support function to a strategic center for delivering value to customers. Our ITEM Model is based on industry best practices and governance standards and facilitates the integration and alignment of managed services across complex requirements and multivendor environments.

ITEM Capabilities:

  • IT Governance and Control
  • IT Risk Management
  • Compliance and Audit
  • Program Management

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